How can a recruiter benefit my career search?

Recruiting agencies such as Technical Resources, Inc. (TRI) possess valuable industry expertise and deep networks that get you ahead of the employment curve. When it comes to discovering and landing new career opportunities, our experience gets you to where you need to be in half the time and half the effort.

TRI recruiters have direct experience and expertise in the highly-specialized industries they serve. Our recruiters leverage their experience, knowledge and connections in their respective industries and fields to better connect you to your passions.

Additionally, to help prepare you for the next step in your career, our recruiters provide unique insight into your industry's current hiring trends and personalize your search to get you one step closer to reaching your dream job.

Benefits of using a recruiter

Fact 1: It’s all about connections!

Recruiters have long-standing relationships with a wide variety of decisions makers on the employer side. We not only can get your foot in the door, but we get answers, whether good or bad, almost immediately. Above all, resumes sent through a recruiter are placed on a higher priority level and have an increased chance of garnering the attention of the recruiting team.

Fact 2:  Recruiters have an upper hand in the hidden job market

Many companies have positions that are essentially enclosed in ‘restricted access’ zones, meaning they are not readily available through typical job posting services. In most cases, these companies team up with recruiters to help source these exclusive positions.

Fact 3: A recruiter’s expertise is second to none

Through a recruiter’s familiarity and expertise in their industry, they know the type of candidate an employer is in pursuit of and what skills and attributes these candidates must possess to flourish. Most importantly, recruiters focus all their efforts in a given field. As a result, they spend much more time analyzing industry-specific hiring trends and fine tuning recruitment practices than a business’s recruiting team. Because of this, employers prefer to work through a recruiter as an alternative to the customary platforms.

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