Technical Resources, Inc.

Since 1977, Technical Resources, Inc. (TRI) has supported employers and job seekers in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, just 30 minutes outside of Chicago, TRI is a nationally recognized leader specializing in connecting high-caliber talent with profit-yielding companies. Our team averages over 10 years of recruiting experience both in and outside of their specialty fields; This experience allows us to facilitate opportunities on many levels of the spectrum.

Our commitment to Employers and Job seekers

Our counselors are responsible for full cycle recruitment; This business matrix allows our counselors to identify the top talent based on client's information without any misunderstanding or outside interpretations. Once these needs are known, the counselor or a member of his/her group work's hand-in-hand with the client until the appropriate candidate is found. TRI believes that bringing the employee and employer together is a personal and professional experience that all will agree is unique and satisfying!

Recruiting Solutions that Align with your Business' Goals

At TRI, we have a true understanding of what it takes to find your sought after candidate that aligns with your business needs and goals.

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Connecting job seekers to new opportunities

Teaming up with hiring managers on the employer side enables us to personalize your job search and match your goals with those of our clients.

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